Spline Repair

Air Head Spline Before RepairAir Head Spline After RepairK Pinion Spline Before RepairK Bike Pinion Spline 50K After RepairK Bike Drive Shaft Spline After 50K

1956-1984 R25 to R100 Air Head Ring Gear....1985-1995 K75 to K100 Monolever Pinion Gear

Since 1981 we have been rebuilding BMW rear end splines employing a first-quality process, quickly and economically. Over those 29 years we have rebuilt splines for many of the BMW dealers on the West Coast. Although each owner and motorcycle are different and wear may vary, we have several of these splines with 50 to 80,000 miles on them with minimal wear.

Perfect Alignment.

We mill the spline teeth using the ring gear assembly as our guide. This way we are in perfect alignment. We also use a tighter tolerance when machining so our fit with the wheel coupling has less back lash than factory and every spline is tested with a new wheel coupling to check for accuracy.

Longevity of Seal Surface.

Most spline repairs have required cutting off the old spline then welding on a new spline. This caused several problems, one of which was the weld was so close to the cover seal mating surface, in many cases seal leakage was imminent.

No Welded Seam to Break.

We build up the existing spline with a welding rod developed for Caterpillar so technicians could repair broken teeth on track wheels in the field. This way we have no welded seam to break.

"R" Models $199.90 (Ring Gear Only, Removal Extra) "K" Models $199.90 (Pinion Gear Only, Removal Extra)

If the splines are worn off the ring gear, add $25. Freight and COD additional. 2 to 3 week for shop turn around time ring gear only. Allow an additional 2 weeks round trip for shipping. Also available, removal of the ring gear, if complete rear end is sent in, rear end reseal, riveting new coupler to wheel, all are at additional charge. Call for estimate & turn around time.

1 Year or 12,000 mile Warranty.

For 1 year or 12,000 miles, which ever comes first, we guarantee our workmanship. If a Problem arises within the guidelines of this warranty, we will redo the spline repair only. Original repair order with mileage of motorcycle and date of repair mandatory. New wheel coupler on "R" models, or new driveshaft on "K" must be installed at time of spline repair and must appear on the repair order. We will not pay for any labor, freight, other repairs, or cost of inconvenience.