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Welcome to Hansens Exclusive Motorcycles, Medford, OR

My name is Craig Hansen, and I welcome you to HansensMc.com. As you compare the features and benefits of European motorcycles, I believe you'll find their value and ours to be superior. Today, we as consumers, have the largest variety of products to choose from in history. With this  broad variety of products it can become confusing, making it difficult for us to know what is the best purchase for our needs.  Since our beginning in January 1972, we have been helping people like you buy their next model motorcycle or new accessory by sifting through all the information to find what is best for you. My staff and I do this by answering your questions with product knowledge & experience. Sometimes we help you come up with the right questions to ask. With this information you can now make a rational decision for what model motorcycle will fit you and your lifestyle.

One of the concerns I feel as a consumer today, is what if something goes wrong after the purchase. I don't guarantee that I or my staff have all the answers, nor can I guarantee we won't make a mistake. What I can guarantee is my staff wants your motorcycling experience to be a bright spot in your daily life.   We will do what is humanly possible to make your experience pleasant. Our son, Mason, who is our general manager, helps me manage the store as well as answering your questions about buying accessories, parts, or, his passion, Ducati's. Connie runs our office, as well as helping you in the showroom. Mark and  Russell are here to help you with your parts needs . Mason & I cover as Service manager, making your appointments, creating repair orders, and handling your warranty claims. Dave is our BMW, Ducati, and Triumph  specialist who has 20 years experiencein all our brands. Davey is the newest member of out team, helping Dave in the service department.  Customer Satisfaction has always been a top priority with our store.  We have consistantly rated in the top 5 in the US.  In 2005, as in 2004, we received the #1 ranking for BMW motorcycle dealerships in the US.

I share this with you so you have a better idea of what kind of store we run, and on behalf of Mason, Mark, Dave, Davey, Russell, and Connie I want to invite you to visit our store. Our business hours are 9:30am to 5:30pm Tuesday through Friday, 9:00am to 4:30pm Saturdays. We look forward to helping you make your next motorcycle or accessory purchase.

Hansens Exclusive Motorcycles is conveniently located near the areas of Medford, Talent, Ashland, Phoenix, Jacksonville, Redwood, Grants Pass, Central Point and Eagles Point.